About Our Business

Y.E.S. is a consulting engineering firm which does business throughout the United States. Click the
link below to find out the states that Donald L. Yates, P.E. is currently licensed in:
About Us
Professional Engineering Registrations
Y.E.S has completed a large number of successful projects, which vary from small commercial to
large industrial. Click the link below for a partial listing of our completed projects:
Completed Projects
Y.E.S. has extensive experience in medium voltage (2.4KV - 34.5Kv) work. Click the link below
for more information:
Fast track projects are the norm in today's construction environment. Y.E.S. is comfortable and
experienced in participating in this type of work. Click the link below for a description of one
such project:
Fast Track Project
Yates Engineering Services, Ltd.
P.O. Box 361
Mansfield, Arkansas 72944
Fax: 479-928-4531
E-mail: yes@yatesengineering.net
School designs have been completed on projects ranging from indoor football practice fields to
new high school campuses. Click the link below for completed work relating to school
School Projects
Completed waste water plant designs have been completed on both municipal and industrial
wastewater treatment systems. These projects have been located in 17 different states for
clients such as Tysons, Perdue Farms and Smithfield Foods. Municipal work for the cities of
Fredericksburg, Virginia and Colonial Beach, Virginia have also been completed. Click the link
below for additional information:
Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Plant Projects
Medium Voltage Experience
Arc Flash hazards have become a large concern for owners/operators of commercial and
industrial facilities. Yates Engineering provides Arc Flash analysis services including
coordination studies, fault current analysis and arc flash studies. Select the link below for
more information.
Arc Flash Information